About the Experience

Where do we meet?

All of our rides begin at our property  6591 East Koy Rd. Portageville, NY 14536.  We check the wind conditions and then drive together in the "chase truck" to one of many launch sites.


How Long is the ride?

The ride is about an hour.  Because we launch from outside the park and fly over, most of flight is spent viewing the gorge and waterfalls.  The whole excursion takes between 2-3 hrs to complete.  The booking time is our meet time.

How do we get back to our car?

The same folks that set up and help us launch the balloon will follow with a truck and trailer to meet us when we land.  We call them our "chase crew"  Once we land, we pack up the balloon and drive our passengers back to where we started. (your car)

I booked a flight online, what's the next step?

Thanks for choosing us!  We will call you personally with a weather forecast a day or two in advance of your scheduled flight.  The time on your confirmation email is our meet time.  We will check the winds, sign you in, determine a launch site, set up the balloon and then launch.

When is the best time to go?

We fly at sunrise and a couple hours before sunset.  The fall colors are nice, but the change in leaves is due to the change in weather, and cancellations are more prevelant.  Sunrise flights are great because of a typical drainage wind that takes the balloon through the gorge from south to north.

What about kids?

Our minimums for flight is 8 years of age and 42 inches.  Kids between 8-14 yrs old fly at half price ($110)

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"Like floating through a 3D postcard!"

Genesee Falls Balloon Company invites you to view Letchworth State Park as you’ve never seen it before! During your flight you will get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the impressive gorge and waterfalls. You will float silently over natures beauty below.   After drifting serenely for approximately an hour, we prepare for landing.

When we fly


Our flights start either shortly before sunrise or a few hours before sunset.  The whole excursion takes about 3 hours to complete and commences with a champagne toast to the adventure.  (non alcoholic is available)

What to Expect


The balloon travels with the wind, so there is literally no sensation of movement.  Some might be a afraid of heights, but that's really the fear of falling. Once secure inside the basket and aloft that fear subsides and you are able to enjoy the beauty below.

What to wear


The Burner in a Hot air balloon is located above your head and gives off some radiant heat.  A hat is a good idea, and durable shoes, because we never know exactly where we are going to land.

Reasons to choose us...

100% safety record


We are the only balloon team flying over the Letchworth Gorge that can  honestly say that.  Good decision making and weather forecasting keeps our passengers and crew safe.  

For the love of flying


We have completed hundreds of beautiful flights in our local area over the past decade.  We don't make our living from ballooning, so you can be assured that our decision making on when to fly is always based on safety.